6pm (UK time), 27th June 2021, Zoom

To join us at CurryNight please first join the mailing list here. Then read how it works below. Thank you.

CurryNight is taking place on the Sunday 27th June (from 6pm UK time) raising money to support rural Indian families who have been most affected by the devastating effects of Covid. Our chosen charity partner are Action Village India who’ve been supporting rural families across India for over 25 years. 100% of your support will go directly towards a campaign launching specifically to support Covid affected families with food & supplies to enable them to live. If you donate just £10 you’ll be paying for 1 person to eat for a whole month!

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On CurryNight we’ll be cooking a curry together (over Zoom) guided by our guest chef who will be showing us step by step how to create a great Indian meal from a list of ingredients & a recipe that we’ll be sending to supporters on the 8th May. The recipe has been inspired by the Madras Cafe book that is published by Action Village Network.

We’ll then enjoy the curry and at 8pm wrap up the evening with a ‘pub’ quiz all about India with some great prizes for the winning groups including the Madras Cafe cookbook.

If you’d like to join us at CurryNight and/or just support our charity partner please consider helping us reach our target of £1500 by donating on our Virgin Money Giving page & then joining our mailing list to receive your ingredients list and details of the Zoom call on the 27th June.

This is how CurryNight will work:

Get your ingredients

Follow our chef

Enjoy your curry

Play the ‘pub’ quiz

  • Follow us on Facebook here – we’ll be posting updates as CurryNight grows and encouraging you to share CurryNight with your friends & family so we can have a bigger impact and help more Indian families and empower more people to learn how to cook a great curry!
  • On the 21st June we’ll be sending out an email to everyone who has supported the project with a set of ingredients (vegan & vegetarian options) for the starters & curry that we’ll be cooking on the 27th June. Most of what you’ll need you can buy in your local supermarket, we’ll also include links to a few online spice specialists so if your local shop doesn’t have them you can order them online and get them delivered direct to you during the week.
  • We’ll send a couple of email reminders that week so you don’t forget to get what you need including the all important beer (or whatever drink you prefer!). 
  • On the 27th June we’ll send you a Zoom link so you can join us online from 6pm – make sure your laptop or phone is charged/plugged in and safely and comfortably positioned in your kitchen so you can watch the screen and focus on cooking at the same time!
  • Our guest chef will be guiding you (and everyone else who has joined CurryNight) to create an amazing curry which we’ll cook together. After a short break at around 7pm to give the curry and the rice time to cook we’ll be rejoining the Zoom at 8.00pm
  • To end the evening we’ll be having a quick and fun ‘pub’ quiz at 8pm all about India (don’t worry the questions are relatively easy!) with some special prizes for the winning groups!

You can join CurryNight at any time – before, during or after the cookery lesson, during the meal or simply for the ‘pub’ quiz at 8pm. We want everyone to simply have a fun evening, learn how to cook a great curry and spend time together – in person and online (we hope for the last time for a while!) and raise much needed funds to support families across rural India.

We look forward to seeing you at CurryNight and don’t forget to tell friends and family about it if you think they’d enjoy the evening or simply would enjoy supporting us.